Scaling a fashion brand internationally


Establish Superdry as a credible style destination, scaling the brand’s digital presence and launching their first-ever international BVOD campaign to reach new audiences and build positive change.


Build a production runway to adapt, transcreate, and optimise creative assets for the progressive but ever complex media plans covering rich media, multi markets and multi-platform versions.


Working with a progressive and complex media plan we optimised and localised Superdry’s brand assets into highly effective campaign assets. Throughout the year, we supported crucial moments on the marketing calendar launching campaigns focusing on sustainability, back to school and Autumn/Winter collection releases across European markets.

Within a campaign bundle, we delivered tailored messaging and media-optimised creative for the digital and online spaces, with TV in the mix for two markets to further elevate the brand’s reach.

Sustainability asset
Young woman wearing a black Superdry Vagabonds t-shirt
Dynamic scaling
Black and white image of a young woman wearing a headband and a coat
Media partnership assets
An image of a young Asian woman pulling a face with a screwed expression, wearing a bright orange Superdry t-shirt
New collections
Two young women standing in front of large fronds, the one on the left is wearing a yellow S&DR state jumper and the one on the right is wearing a pink crop top with Superdry in small white lettering
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