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In conversation with: Dalia Tautaviciute, Head of Brand Image, NordVPN

The opportunities and obstacles of marketing across multiple markets: NordVPN is one of the world’s most trusted internet security providers. Headquartered in Lithuania, Dalia joins us to discuss how they reach consumers across Europe’s largest economies and what opportunities or obstacles – cultural or otherwise – they find along the way.

Bitesize: Econometrics 101 - modern modelling techniques for marketers

Econometrics can take out the risk of media spend decisions by applying rigorous modelling techniques to gain the best possible understanding of the situation, assist with decision making, boost ROI and save budget. Join Philip Gaudoin, Director of MetaMetrics, as he gives you an overview of how econometric modelling can help provide evidence of your media performance and inform future marketing strategy.

Bitesize: 11 proven steps to effective audience segmentation - learnings from 1,500+ studies

Strong, relevant audience segmentation is the cornerstone of any successful growth strategy. Do it right, and you’ll have happy customers, boost profitability and gain a competitive edge. Do it wrong, and you risk wasting valuable time, money and resources. Paul Carney, Managing Director of Bonamy Finch, will explain what good segmentation looks like.

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Knowledge from smart results-oriented marketers
Video 48 minutes
Kathryn highlights the dilemma some organisations face with diversity and inclusion and discusses how underrepresented marketers can get their voices heard.
Video 42 minutes
Adam details how to develop marketing’s relationships with other departments, and shares his tactics to get the higher-ups on board with his decisions.                                                  
Video 50 minutes
Lindsay discusses how to build results-driven brand partnerships that lead to dynamic brand performance and organic growth for both brands involved.
Video 50 minutes
Alysia shares how she uses audience insights to make sure TaxScouts is talking to the right people, in the right places, using the right messaging. 
Video 50 minutes
Adam lays out the case for being data-led in marketing decision-making. He discusses how to capture the data and extract true insights.
Video 50 minutes
Greg and Adam discuss the technical skills modern marketers should have in their arsenal to engineer organic growth in dynamic-growth brands.
Video 40 minutes
Andre asserts marketers can escape their siloed roles as comms departments and instead emerge as a leading player in driving an organisation’s sales.
Video 50 minutes
Rachel doesn’t call it a small budget. It’s just a budget. She shares an example of a targeted campaign that stayed true to Ecotricity’s mission.
Video 40 minutes
Amy discusses how SEO insights inform marketing at, helping the team create the perfect content for their consumer.
Martin Woolley opens up about a hiring mistake he made and how he and the business have learned a valuable lesson about recruitment.
Video 45 minutes
Getting your product to retail may feel like a mountain to climb. Jake discusses his journey of launching a unique product in a saturated market.
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