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Managing parental leave in a fast-growth business

In a fast-growth business, the topic of parental leave can feel like a thorny one. It shouldn’t be. Mother of two, and Managing Director of the Specialist Works, Verity Brown, is seasoned at balancing parental leave and returning to work. She joins the What’s Possible Community to provide lived experience to any soon-to-be-parents, and a game plan to anyone who manages the leave of others. 

Rising to the top of search results

Brands are looking for the best way to unlock mass awareness and reach consumers on cutting-edge platforms in the digital world. To make the most impact, digital PR, newsjacking, social media optimisation, and new entrants like the Metaverse and NFTs are all avenues that marketers can explore. Carrie Rose, Co-founder and CEO of Rise at Seven, a search-first creative agency, joins the What’s Possible Community to talk about how digital, search-first campaigns can help businesses reach the top of search results.

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Knowledge from smart results-oriented marketers
Video 3 minutes
Susie and Ross demonstrate how Out of Home (OOH) advertising can drive brand fame and esteem, and impact new customer acquisition.
Video 5 minutes
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the House of Fraser Christmas ad, what’s trending in the marketing world, and what’s in our members’ Christmas stockings.
Article 5 minutes
What’s Possible Community members pull back the curtain on the ‘arts and sciences’ of several marketing disciplines.
Video 3 minutes
Kevin Chesters, Co-Author of The Creative Nudge, shares how to overcome our natural programming so that we can unlock our inner creative potential.
Video 44 minutes
Paul outlines ten tips for growth-minded marketers who want to create an impactful segmentation that can become the cornerstone of any successful growth strategy.
Article 4 minutes
Startups are the same as any other brand in that they must meet a consumer need. But they usually reek of short-termism and need a better path to private equity-backed success.
Video 46 minutes
Phil showcases how econometric modelling techniques can help marketers in their quest to provide evidence of media performance and help them inform future marketing strategies.
Article 3 minutes
Spending a year away from a rapidly-changing media industry can be tough, particularly if you’ve been looking after a baby. But planning for change can help a lot.
Article 6 minutes
The What’s Possible Community members provide a window into their worlds and provide insights into their lived experiences on D&I, reaching consumers, and more.
Video 58 minutes
Founding Director Ian McCulloch talks about founding his super-premium gin business, building a brand with a difference, and how they overcame the challenges of 2020.
Article 4 minutes
Osagie Samuel, an award-winning creative director, discusses his recent successes at the D&AD New Blood Awards and reminisces about his career at The Specialist Works and the What’s Possible Group. 
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