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Carbon neutral certification is a key milestone in helping businesses become sustainable, inclusive and transparent.
Despite the market’s uncertainty around inflation, currency weakness and supply-chain issues, Patrick Mazzotta sees a volatile Q4 as an opportunity for dynamic brands to seize.
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As the industry moves away from third-party data, Andra Mititelu discusses what the future of audience targeting will look like. She states that businesses and their marketers must prepare for the ‘responsible web’, where consumer privacy is protected. 
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Purpose pioneer Thomas Kolster renounces his previous beliefs. He sounds a warning to brands not to engage in purpose-washing, and suggests they rather build consumer trust through transformational promises. 
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Mario Natarelli unveils the concept of brand intimacy. He emphasises why forming emotional bonds with consumers – and other stakeholders – will lead to growth. 
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Jephtah Abu shares his advice on how to build diverse and inclusive communities – and details what success looks like.
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Rebecca emphasises the advantages of developing brand champions within a business that can effectively represent a brand, no matter the audience.
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Charlie Makin provides some incredible insight on how to generate long-term brand loyalty in the current climate.
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Stephen discusses how the ad industry is responding to the climate crisis, recessionary pressures, and D&I shortfalls.
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Catherine discusses the complexities of the media market in the second half of 2022.
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Charlie reveals how the nation is reacting to mounting economic challenges and how brands could respond to their needs.
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