Carving a niche in the market with Jaunt’s brand campaign


Position Jaunt as a new insurance brand aimed at mainly city-based drivers who didn’t own a car but needed one occasionally for weekend escapes and short trips.


When you need car insurance at short notice, for a short time – grab a Jaunt. We came up with a young, fun, campaign identity to convey the brand purpose.


Our brand work carved a niche in the already overcrowded car insurance market. We designed all elements of the user journey right through to the website UX and populated social assets at key moments in the calendar when customers want to rent or borrow a car.


The Jaunt brand remains pivotal within the BISL portfolio. Brand identity continues to thrive and has helped Jaunt achieve ‘Excellent’ status on Trustpilot due to the speed and ease of accessing short-term car insurance.

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