Turning House of Fraser into the House of Festive


House of Fraser needed to remind consumers about their important place on the high street and in the nation’s heart.  For lots of people, Covid restriction had meant the previous Christmas had been spent apart from friends,  family, our favourite places, stores, and brands. We also needed to engage suppliers and weave partner brands into our narrative (House of Fraser is a house of brands).


Make House of Fraser the House of all that’s festive. We encouraged people to discover their fabulous, fun, flashy and fierce sides at Christmas together with friends and family. All the ‘F’s in the House of Festive.


The creative idea got traction with suppliers early on and Barbour, Nerf, Clarins, CP company, and Tommy Hilfiger all wanted in. We created a retail festive ecosystem within the ad to accommodate the brands in category-specific vignettes. At the heart of the campaign was a reminder of the joy of Christmas, gifting and shopping and features a multi-generational cast luxuriating in the fun, extravagant, festiveness of the season – everything they can find at the ‘House of Festive’.


House of Fraser experienced record footfall during the campaign and the Frasers Group share price rose 7% on the back of Christmas trading.

House of Festive
Interior hallway showing stairs with christmas wreath and lights on the balustrade. An adult women is carrying a pile of presents taller than herself.
House of Fashion
Interior of large dark empty lounge with 4 men standing all wearing back suits. One of the men is wearing sunglasses
House of Fabulous
A young woman is lying face up is a very shallow blue pool with only a couple of inches of water. She is surrounded by flowers and cosmetic items.
House of Flawless
An older glamorous woman has six hands around her holding cosmetic items close to her face as if applying makeup.
House of Fun
Exterior shot of a back garden with a girl around 10 years old playing with a super soaker.
House of Finally Back Together
Hallway greeting of a mother hugging a dear relative. A couple of other family members are smiling.
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