Rising to the top of search results
by Carrie Rose, CEO and Co-Founder, Rise at Seven

Carrie discusses how search-first campaigns can help businesses organically and rapidly reach the top of search results.

28th January 2022 Read time: 3 minutes Watch time: 49 minutes
Marketers are looking for the best way to unlock mass awareness and reach consumers on cutting-edge platforms. Every business desires to make the most impact but hitting the right notes in the right places is essential. It’s all about building presence, trust and authority.  
Carrie Rose is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rise at Seven, a search-first creative agency. Having worked in SEO for over seven years (and with the awards to show it), she knows how to get brands seen. She joined the What’s Possible Community to detail how search-first campaigns can help businesses organically reach the top of search results.  

Bringing creativity into search

To achieve organic results, Carrie believes bringing creativity into search is imperative. Working with DTC brands in the fashion, beauty, finance and tech worlds, she sees brands looking to partner with agencies that can help them boost their reach in new ways.

The momentum behind the industry is one of the most exciting things. It’s growing rapidly; there’s lots of business out there for everybody. It’s all about being more innovative and being more creative,” Carrie said.

Organic reach is possible when brands have the creative edge. Carrie believes that going the creative route is preferable with data constraints and analytics compliance issues on the horizon in the paid-search space.

Rise at Seven’s approach also involves creating good content, digital PR and going viral in creative ways. Getting creative means taking brands onto new platforms, like TikTok, launching NFTs, and other new innovative channels where consumers are spending their time.

Where consumers spend their time

Marketers are increasingly concerned about the best places to spend their budgets. Many marketers’ opinions are split on the new methods; they see NFTs as a fad and the Metaverse as unimportant right now.  
Carrie showcased the NFT campaign Rise at Seven ran with Boohooman to the Community and vouched for NFTs when targeted at the right audience. I.e. They’re not for everyone. Consequently, Carrie warns brands that are jumping on new trends without insight, and encourages marketers to do their homework.
If I was to advise anybody now of what they should be skilling up in is data—understanding your audience. Where are they spending their time? Is it watching TV, is it engaging on Tik Tok, are they spending most of their day watching YouTube videos? If they are, that’s where you spend your budget,” she stated.

Need for Speed: Making brands reactive

Carrie is a proponent of putting a brand at the centre of a conversation on social platforms and then deploying PR, creating content, or reacting on social in some way to get the brand noticed by the right consumers. For Carrie, it’s all about being fast-paced and reactive.  

One of the ways Rise at Seven attempts to get brands into the consumer conversation is through newsjacking. Carrie discusses this method on her agency vlog:

To further ensure the content hits the correct targets, insight and data teams are scraping the web with an in-house tool to find what is trending at any given moment and where their brands can fit into the conversation.

It’s understanding these big media moments that happen every single minute of the day and how that’s impacting consumers. What are they searching for, what are they reading, what are they engaging with and even what they’re buying. And then making sure your clients are at the centre of that,” Carrie concluded.