SEO insights: a marketer’s superpower
by Amy Marsden, Content Marketing Manager,

Amy discusses how SEO insights inform marketing at, helping the team create the perfect content for their consumer.

20th July 2021 Read time: 40 minutes

In the world of dynamic-growth brands, it’s often said, every brand must become its own media company. Amy Marsden, the Content Marketing Manager at joined the What’s Possible Community sessions to talk about how the SEO data their marketing team perused informed the content they created for consumers. recently added a content wing to accompany the social media and paid search marketing teams they employ. AO is an online-only retailer that specialises in household and electrical appliances.  

Their new marketing strategy helps show customers, through content, what’s possible with the item they’ve just purchased.  

The content team’s day-to-day operations include collecting data from their SEO and social media teams, then determining what content they will need to ensure they connect with their customers in a novel way.  

To evidence that the content team was on the right track, their analytics showed a 1200% increase in website visitors. How did they do it?  

Helping customers help themselves 

To build their new marketing strategy, wanted to know more about their customers to market to them in a more effective way. They wanted to know how they could help them troubleshoot their appliances.  

The company historically offered a service where they would dispatch engineers to their customers’ houses to fix any appliance issues. However, when the pandemic happened, customers relied less on engineer callouts and more on DIY mechanisms to fix their own unique challenges with appliances.  

AO’s marketers found very quickly that to understand the issues customers faced, Google was their friend. They began to pore over prospective customers’ Google searches relating to the items AO would have in stock.  

We got 1.1 million monthly searches worth of data in a massive excel spreadsheet that we spent ages going through and grouping by category. And then looking at what the customer intent was,” Amy explained.  

From the data the content team learned what prospective customers would want to know about a particular appliance and how content could be made to reach them. They then identified five key sectors they could create content for.  

They began to compile content into several ‘how to’ avenues related to what customers wanted to know about appliances they’d recently bought. Their five content paths consisted of:  

  1. Buying guides
  2. How to fit guides
  3. Measuring guides
  4. Tried-and-tested guides
  5. Product guides  

All about the customer 

Treat every customer like you’d treat your grandmother. Amy says that is the mantra across the business from the contact centre to the delivery drivers to social media.  

The content team at AO advise other growth-minded marketers to:  

  • Start with the audience in mind
  • Do what’s right for the user
  • Make content for the people who want to read the content  

AO’s marketers plug in to several in-house networks that can create incredible assets which help them make valuable content that resonates with their audience. The team is a well-oiled machine.  

With tech advancements and customer habits constantly changing, the marketing team has resolved to review the content needs of their customers every year.  

Along with their SEO team, the content marketers conduct an analysis to identify where the gaps in the market are every year.  

I think it helps working for someone like AO who are so customer-centric, because you can then make the content that is the right content to make. It makes the job very easy being able to make content that customers need, not that is so focused on what we want to sell”, Amy concluded.